B The Movement

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Meet the young men behind B the Movement and learn more about our mission. 

Our purpose was birthed in our dorm room after participating in the “Geeked up” challenge. We were tired of the usual videos being posted glamorizing societal “norms” of drugs, sex, and other negative images. We decided to don our suits and perform a short video telling the world that it is ok to be young and educated, while working to achieve our goals.

Our video went viral with over 50,000,000 views in its first few days on social media.  Due to the massive response, we decided to start a movement for youth promoting positive intellect. We believe in the old adage "It takes a village to raise a child". We affiliate ourselves with people from all cultures, nationalities, and other social barriers. The mission starts in our own communities, uplifting youth while joining hands with other diverse groups, showing our generation something greater can be achieved together.

If we join hands together and touch youth of all colors, we can be a movement that personifies excellence of children from all backgrounds and nationalities. Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream that one day we would all join together for a greater good. We embody his philosophy and are doing our part to make our nation greater.

Join in on the movement through your purchases and donations. We need and thank you for your support! Please show your support by leaving a positive message, purchasing our songs, apparel, or offering a donation. The proceeds will go towards furthering our movement and achieving our goals!!.

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