B The Movement

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Meet the young men behind B the Movement and learn more about our mission. 


Love and support the incredible commitment you young men have for education and success, but what I love just as equally, is your desire to inspire others with your experience expressed through music (hip hop). Dr. King among many other great leaders would be proud. God Bless


Bless you, Beautiful souls

I just want to say Thank you for sharing your encouraging video, I have 3 sons and was terrified b/c I knew the odds were against them, with knowledge and growth I realized the odds are not against them, and The Video I just saw just confirmed like other experiences its not. Thank you so much for your encouraging lyrics, Keep progressing, and showing your story.

Much Respect,
Allison B

You all made my day!

Hey now! I just watched your Mother's Day video !!! A few weeks back, I saw another video you made about being educated and in college. I love them both. I just want to thank you, for sharing your love of each other, education, personal growth, black excellence and living life with the world. It's these types of images and videos our kids need to see. This is what inspires other young teens and young adults. So again, I just wanted to reach out and say thank you.

You put a smile on my face, as well as the faces of many, many others!!!!! Please keep doing. We're all waiting on the next one !


Hello, I just wanted to say that  the vision that was given to both of you is Amazing and I thank God that you are making a Difference, I share your videos on my page as well as personally sitting with my Grand kids, that are able to understand how important there education is and one is my Grandsons name Jerimiah was at awe and after he watched two of the interview videos he was on fire🙌🏾 he said he wants a tree shirt. So in about two weeks I will be placing orders for shirts and wrist bands. Looking forward to supporting the movement. And Bless you parents and sisters too.

Thank you

I am grateful for what you you do for the black community . You guys have inspired me to be the movement ! You guys show me each and every song that I can be more than just a statistic . Please keep doing what your doing . Thank you so much !


I love what you guys are doing. It's good to see more young brothers with the same mindset as I. I support what you guys are doing. Sending respect from The Illustrious Benedict College up to you guys at Virginia Commonwealth University‼️💪🏽👏🏾✊🏽